23rd August 2019

The above video link is about Crimes against children at a residential school

at St Anne's in Canada

If you or you know of anyone who has been degraded there

find details of contacts for compensation which is the least

for the sexual and other harassment by Catholic Priests and Nuns.

So sorry to have come across this one.

It must really hurt.

Peace to your Mind!!!

31st March 2019

Wuauquikuna has accepted my Invitation to

Play in Tetbury Gloucester GL8 8EH on

the 21st of April 2019

External link opens in new tab or windowhttp://theroyaloaktetbury.co.uk/events-calendar/

19th March 2019

Those Natives who feel they do not belong, they are still seeking Truth,

it is possible that you belong to the sect who is called the Essenes

of which there are 2 opposing sects both called Essenes. One who

offers blood sacrifice, also eat flesh & blood. The other Essenes

are pure Vegans and do not offer blood sacrifice.

The former worships Idols whereas the latter the Sole

Almighty Creator YAHVAH.

It does not matter which sect you belong to as gradually

according to a specific period of time, all humans will

evolve, eventually accept Truth & Worship HE who gives

you Breath.

I leave you today with this thought.

Discuss it with your collegues & send me your feedback.

Peace to your mind for reading this.

16th March 2019

I feel prompted to convey this message today which normally

during Sabbath I do not use the internet.

Perhaps someone needs this information today.

Here I go.

Some people including males choose to wear long hair.

Some do the exact opposite.

Those who instincitively wear long hair is because of your past memories.

In the past as a rule you wore long hair. This was observed by a sect called

the Nazarenes who taught Yeshuah ha Messiah who has been renamed in

English calling him Jesus. No such person ever existed called Jesus.

Though there was Yeshuah who was also one of the Messiahs due

to his choice. Nothing to do with a virgin birth. That is against the

law of the Human Body to become pregnant and give birth and still

remain a virgin.

What they actually mean is that it was tradition for the first born to be

taught to lead a saintly life i.e. in gratutide to the Sole Almighty Creator

for the child.

In direct opposition those who despise the Creator of Pure Love

literally sacrifice their first born i.e. literally kill their first born

due to their contempt against the Creator.

I came across this link


to be continued....

Thursday, the 28th February 2019

Here is what I mean by Natives.

The word Native refers to anyone who feels they do not agree

with 'follow the leader' society attitude.

Someone who thinks for himself.

Someone who knows instinctively what is true or false.

Someone who questions what he does and is looking for an answer.

Ofcourse also the traditional meaning such as indigenous Human Beings

who currently occupy many lands.

Those who are Evolved due to past lives will be able to

immediately identify & accept Truth.

According to the counter on my website there are over a million of you who visit me.

Thank you. If you would like any other information do let me know.

I believe the most important aspect if your Internal Spirit which is not covered

nor taught elsewhere.

Below there is a Question & Answer session:

Many have asked, is Meditation a Religion.

What is the true meaning of Meditation?

Why does one need to Meditate?

Is it in the Bible?

Below is a question and answer channelled guide which explains all.

What Religion does Meditation come from?

During the First Age of Peace & Prosperity, the Golden Age, there were

NO Religions. There was a Life STYLE of Love, Peace, Purity, Veganism, because

taking the lives of innocent creatures, chopping off their limbs, skinning them,

spicing them to quench the taste buds for a few seconds would have been considered

a Crime against Life. Besides animal consumption must make one diseased.

Were any Scriptures available during the Golden Age?

The 1st Scriptures ever compiled were called the 'VEDAS' which is globally accepted as truth.

What language is the 'VEDAS' written in?

The 1st Language is called Sanskrit.

Can we learn the Original Sanskrit today?

It is possible though not through general common educational sources.

How can we believe the 'VEDAS' to be true?

Because it is about the elements which make up the Human Body.

The VEDAS are not about any Religion.

Hence it cannot be refuted

Who recommended Meditation?

Intelligence of the Ancient Sages is far greater than technology.

They instinctively knew that the Human Body is made up of several layers.

Anyone with intelligence will agree that all the layers, the Inner Bodies too

 need to be fed. This is solely done through Meditation.


Where is this stated?

Most people have heard of the word 'Krsna' which the English Language has changed

to Krishna. Later the Greeks spelt it as 'Kristos' & Latin introduced the word 'Christ'. 'Krsna'

means Consciousness of ones Inner Bodies.

Was there any person called Christ?

Christ means Consciousness.

Where can I read about this?

There are my two channelled books which I am told are the only current sources

for truth related to the Human Body & its vital food.

Here is a web link with

External link opens in new tab or windowhttps://www.feedaread.com/books/Key-to-Heaven-9781788762366.aspx

You will be able to see the covers as well as read the abstract or/and

purchase. They are available from all book stores and can be ordered not

just on the internet.

'Key to Heaven' & 'Cosmic Human Beings' both

are my channelled books cover detail on Cosmic Consciousness.

What will happen if I do not obtain Cosmic Consciousness?

You will continue to be reincarnated & come back to Mother Earth.

How do I obtain Cosmic Consciousness?

You simply need to look within. Detail regarding the process is mentioned

in External link opens in new tab or windowKey to Heaven

The books are also available free in PDF. You will need to send me your

details so that I can send it direct to you.

Is Meditation Hinduism?

When you eat or shower does that relate to any Religion?

When you write, think does that belong to any Religion?

When you Meditate you simply are reflecting, letting you

mind speak to you. Hence there it is not a religion but rather

a vital part of life.

Why are there rumours that Meditation is Hinduism?

Because such rumours are by those who are anti Spirituality. They do not know

how to Meditate. Alternatively, they do not like what their mind says to them.

It makes them afraid.

Some say they have bad experiences when they Meditate. Why?

Your Mind simply reads whatever you, yourself have written in your own

Book of Life. Bad experiences are because of ones Life Style.

The Mind never lies.

I can help you change this. This is what I do for during

my FREE Lectures which is all about Cosmology.

Do you favour Hinduism?

I do not observe any Religion.

Every Religion is man made.

Why follow others rather then HE who gives you Spirit?

What do you think of those who are Religious?

Everyone to their individual evolution. Murderers, blackmailers & saints

all live on Mother Earth. All have a part to play. Some have perfect health

some are diseased. Health is a gift.

There are several paths, which lead you to different destinations.

Do you know your destination?

One needs to live several lives in order to find the correct path.

One either needs to be Evolved as a Human Being alternatively

study under the guidance of one who is Evolved. None must

try to teach that which he has not experienced. That is where

Religions have gone wrong. Everyone preaches. None observe.

They all say love but yet ....i do not wish to utter these words

that were channelled. sorry! You know how people are.

All my collegues have negative comments about Meditation. Why?

Meditating assists in cleansing. You are responsible for your own Spirit.

Some find it impossible to cleanse their 'Inner Bodies' hence will be

anti Meditation & agitated with anyone who is for example Vegan.

This is simply because they are not compatible with higher

energies or purity.

Do these people have Low energy?

They certainly do. They will always portray themselves as a victim.

They will be easily confused unable to cope

with their daily life issues. Even simple things such as your Utilities Contracts.

They are unable to think for themselves because sadly they constantly lie.

They will always blame another.

Unless they reform, their body will degenerate speedily.

Does body degeneration come automatically with age?

It depends what one means by degeneration.

I refer to leading a totally independent life irrelevant of your

chronological age. Which includes your entire body performs

healthly such as your kidneys are strong, your immune system

is healthy, you do not have any allergies, your senses are perfect etc.

Why is this the case?

The Human Body has been expertly designed by the Sole Almighty Creator YAHVAH

who is of Love, Peace, Harmony, Justice, Freedom etc etc.

Because of his Divine Sacred Personality, within HIS Creations are

incorporated virtues. Any negativity, any evil, any darkness is not

compatible with the Human Body and causes it to malfunction.

Are Human Beings supposed to be Perfect?

Yes. That is how we have been designed.  You simply need to Love all.

Not be selective with those you help. Help all those who come to you.

If you see a drunkard on the street, will you give him money for him to

destroy himself or will you give him food.

One needs to use ones own discretion.

One cannot say I will help one and ignore another.

One must not be judgemental.

Love all. Foregive all irrelevant. Nothing else matters.

Life is but a game. Play by the rules to win.

Then you will not be reincarnated.

Hate no one. Blame no one for your low energy.

How could I identify a Spiritual Leader?

Words are cheap and can be copied & cloaked with deceit.

The signs are a Spiritual Leader will always be of Truth.

Will always love ALL life including innocent creatures.

They never get angry.

They will never pull down another persons name.

They never talk ill of anyone.

Why don't they retaliate?

Because they understand what reality is. They Love the Creator

who gives life to all and they are aware that the Beast

sends evil ones to make mischief. The Beast sends his children to

attempt to destroy the character of a Spiritual Person because of their Hatred.

They will do their utmost to destroy the reputation of a Spiritual Person.

Can this happen within families?

The true meaning of family is all those who share the same Life Style.

There are outer and inner circles within families.

All members from the same blood family can be very different.

One could be a Healer and Spiritual as well as Intelligent whereas

the other could have been imprisoned constantly fighting, having

continous Court Cases also extending to their loved ones.

They can have no peace of mind.

Just because one is born of the same earthly parents does not mean all

brothers and sisters are alike. The difference is since each one has a previous

life, due to reincarnation, which accounts for us having a preference, an

attraction, due to different memories and experiences. Hence some are evolved

& others might not be though they choose to be members of that specific family.

Can you name a Spiritual Sect or Group who observed the Vedic Teachings?

Yes. From the Original Dead Sea Scrolls uncovered in the 1950's it was brought

to light that there was a Pious Sect called the 'Essenes of Nazarene' who lived

on Mount Carmel. They were healers, teachers, horticulturalists and much more.

The location of this sect is important because there was

also an opposing Essenes sect which developed later.

Did they teach any person whose name we can relate to?

Yes. They taught YESHUAH ha Messiah who is the second Messiah.

His name was changed by western scholars when translating the

Dead Sea Scrolls from Aramic to English.

He is called Jesus. Bear in mind the English alphabet 'J' and several others

were introduced in the late 1800's.

What happened to the Essenes of Nazarene?

During the time of Constantine since they were beheaded many fled to other

lands as well as underground. They were able to survive in different locations

since they communicate with Cosmic and Earthly Forces.

Do they still exist?

Yes. I am aware of one such Essene in the United Kingdom. I guess

they are scattered on other continents. There are different spiritual levels.

Is there anyway one can recognise an Essene?

They are always Peaceful who constantly live in Harmony irrelevant of situations.

They greeting is 'Peace be with you'

by joining the hands in front of their body thereby respecting

the other person they greet.

This sounds good, better than shaking hands.

Hand shake is completion of a business deal or commerical transaction in

the business trading world.

How can you prove this ?

A simple example when you wish someone for their Birthday

do you ever shake hands? ha!

I like this, it all resonates within me as Truth.

How can I develop my Spirituality?

Simply start with the two books

External link opens in new tab or windowKey to Heaven & Cosmic Human Beings here is the

link. As mentioned earlier these are two channelled books.

External link opens in new tab or windowKey to Heaven

Now since you understand that Meditation is important here is


Why does the Bible not cover Meditation?

Actually the Bible does.

Readers of the Bible do not understand how to interpret the Bible.

Let me explain.

The Bible refers to the Tree of Life of Good and Evil

which is the Human Body.

Adam & Eve are the 2 opposites. Negative being stronger more influencial.

The Serpent are two in number within the Human Body.

Every individual needs to conquer their individual Tree of Life which can

easily be converted to your Tree of Death when you observe the

Law of the Beast in preference to the Divine Sacred Law.

The Children of the Beast observe the Law of the Beast

The Children of Light observe the Law of Love Peace Harmony of the

Sole Almighty CREATOR - YAHVAH!!!

The above is what is involved during Meditation which the Bible recommends.

How does one conquer ones Tree of Life?

The Process is detailed in my channelled Book

Key to Heaven

I recommend both the books which will give you an understanding of your

Cosmic Body.

Once you understand your Inner Bodies you will be able to conquer

your Inner Bodies

to summaries:

Good perfect genuine sincere Thoughts Words Actions to everyone 100% of the day

This means no gossip, no lies, no deceit, no blackmail, no backbiting which are

unforgiveable Spiritual Crimes which are only because one is of jealousy,

hatred, with further negative virtues from the Beast. Hence, that person

will be lethargic, accusing others of sending negative energy, when

in fact they are bringing upon black energy to themselves because of

who they are from within.

Have you noticed how a thief will call another a thief so as indirectly state

they are not thieves.

So completes the Channelled information received at the start of Sabbath.

This is the 7th Day of the Week observed during the Golden Age for

thanksgiving and worship to the Sole Almighty CREATOR YAHVAH.

Feel free to send any comments.

Ask any questions.

You are welcome to attend my FREE LECTURES  Open Days etc etc.

Wishing you Peace to your Mind for Reading this to the end

Peace to your Body when you Spread the Word and direct your friends to this website

None other is frank, to the point, crying for PEACE FREEDOM JUSTICE to all Life


HE who gives all Life

HE who gives Breath

HE who gives SPIRIT

Yet man in his blindness ignores YAHVAH and observes the Law of the Beast.

'Unlock your Invisible Shackles' my next channelled book in shops

in the New Year which commences 21st March 2019

the zodiac sign of Aries the Head of Man

not Pisces the Feet.

Enjoy - Love & Peace...ending with tremendous pure energy...can you feel it....

come daily ...for your daily food...free!!!

Today is Sunday the 17th of February 2019

Just came across this link

Famous Person Country Submission Form

If you know of any person who deserves to be listed as

per details on the above web link then do let them know.

The word 'Native' relates to one who is born in any country,
though do not participate in their religion nor culture.
You will instinctively know right from wrong.
You feel yourself as a misfit, since you do not agree with
for instance the types of products put into ones mouth,
though called food is not,
your way of thinking will not be the same as others though
perhaps for peace you simply go with the flow.

You will find your family turning against you
they can only use terms which are common such as
'new age' or 'cult' etc because they are unable to think for
themselves. They might be bionic and/or humanoids.
It is best not to try to convince anyone.
There are Children of Light who observe the Truth.
Children of Light immediately believe the name of the Creator
when the name YAHVAH is pronounced.
Others have to wait for their self appointed authorities declare
their version of names etc.
So be it.
Each to his own.

Should you feel like an outcast, constantly searching for Spiritual
Truth and unable to find then since you are reading this you have
finally found the right place.

I recommend reading this website and if you feel prompted
then purchase one of the books. If times are difficult and you would
like a free book please contact me and I will send you a PDF version.

Interesting link News of Natives on this link Trump

I believe he will try his best to show his good will

I am delighted that Wuauquikuna Band has accepted our invitation to share your
delightful music with us in the UK. Details will be upload soon.


1. Amaz on & others are selling/advertising Native Regalia as 'Fancy Dress'

I object to this on the grounds that the Regalia is sacred, it is ones
culture therefore is Holy. It is like selling the Popes 'Hat' as part of 'Fancy

2. Dis ney is promoting 'Lion King' at the Broadway in London with what appears to be face masks somewhat
similar to Native Head dress.

3  Native singing with white catholic boys ridiculing him on youtube. Post your comment on
youtube as I have.


Please Natives where ever you are
dress your children displaying your culture do not
let history repeat itself

something is seriously brewing

4 Be Proud of your Native Culture, Be Proud of your Native Belief,
Worship HIM alone who gives your BREATH
Do not Worship Idols, false names
Be NOT part of any religion

Your Human Body is the Temple/the Church
The Creator is within YOU
HE who gives you Breath


Which I am sure you will enjoy. On Good Friday we will be celebrating
with a Native who will be singing and dancing for us in Tetbury in Gloucester.
Tickets will be sold by the promoters for £10 entire funds raised
through sale of the tickets will go to the Native singer. Interested?
Come join us.