Today is Sunday the 17th of February 2019.

Just came across this link

Famous Person Country Submission Form

If you know of any person who deserves to be listed as

per details on the above web link then do let them know.

The word 'Native' relates to one who is born in any country,
though do not participate in their religion nor culture.
You will instinctively know right from wrong.
You feel yourself as a misfit, since you do not agree with
for instance the types of products put into ones mouth,
though called food is not,
your way of thinking will not be the same as others though
perhaps for peace you simply go with the flow.

You will find your family turning against you
they can only use terms which are common such as
'new age' or 'cult' etc because they are unable to think for
themselves. They might be bionic and/or humanoids.
It is best not to try to convince anyone.
There are Children of Light who observe the Truth.
Children of Light immediately believe the name of the Creator
when the name YAHVAH is pronounced.
Others have to wait for their self appointed authorities declare
their version of names etc.
So be it.
Each to his own.

Should you feel like an outcast, constantly searching for Spiritual
Truth and unable to find then since you are reading this you have
finally found the right place.

I recommend reading this website and if you feel prompted
then purchase one of the books. If times are difficult and you would
like a free book please contact me and I will send you a PDF version.

Interesting link News of Natives on this link Trump

I believe he will try his best to show his good will

I am delighted that Wuauquikuna Band has accepted our invitation to share your
delightful music with us in the UK. Details will be upload soon.


1. Amaz on & others are selling/advertising Native Regalia as 'Fancy Dress'

I object to this on the grounds that the Regalia is sacred, it is ones
culture therefore is Holy. It is like selling the Popes 'Hat' as part of 'Fancy

2. Dis ney is promoting 'Lion King' at the Broadway in London with what appears to be face masks somewhat
similar to Native Head dress.

3  Native singing with white catholic boys ridiculing him on youtube. Post your comment on
youtube as I have.

Please Natives where ever you are
dress your children displaying your culture do not
let history repeat itself
something is seriously brewing

4 Be Proud of your Native Culture, Be Proud of your Native Belief,
Worship HIM alone who gives your BREATH
Do not Worship Idols, false names
Be NOT part of any religion

Your Human Body is the Temple/the Church
The Creator is within YOU
HE who gives you Breath

Which I am sure you will enjoy. On Good Friday we will be celebrating
with a Native who will be singing and dancing for us in Tetbury in Gloucester.
Tickets will be sold by the promoters for £10 entire funds raised
through sale of the tickets will go to the Native singer. Interested?
Come join us.