27th February 2019

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This Section is for Natives not simply their photographs or images uploaded by non natives but
for natives themselves if they have the facilities,
those who belong Naturally,
who live in a Natural State, unsophisticated state,
who may be indigenous individuals or other.

I warmly welcome you along with Elders to my website since I believe you Worship the Sole Almighty
CREATOR, YAHVAH, who some of you refer to as 'Grand Father' or the 'Great Universal Spirit'.

I believe you will also invoke the Divine Sacred Spirits of Mother Earth who some refer to as Energies or Elements.

Having made contact with some Natives from various countries, I am surprised to understand the life style i.e. diet
which would have been frowned by our ancestors who mainly eat produce grown on Mother Earth.

Should you agree with me so far, let us form a Brotherhood/Sisterhood whereby we can all help each other not only to reduce any
hardships which you might face, but most importantly to release the past hurt experienced by our ancesters so that
in doing so, we too heal ourselves.

I understand my ancestors are from the Maine Tribe who occupied the Maine Islands in Florida.
They too were sadly all beheaded and even though they are spirits they seek Justice which will
automatically be rendered to them, hence let us release the past and learn to forgive since none can undo the past.

There is a message I bring which is as follows. Though many Natives belong to differing tribes, we have in fact
forgotten our true connection with the Cosmos. Our Ancestors would like us to make connection with our
Inner Self, which some of us were experts in, in our previous lives.

Without this connection in total balance this entire existence of ours is fruitless i.e. we will continue t he recycle of
birth instead of achieving Eternal Life.

It is this achievement which I consider of Primary Importance to all who worship YAHVAH the Creator.
We are Cosmic Human Beings cloaked in flesh and bones.
The Cosmos keeps us alive
Let us work together so that all those interested can achieve Perfect balance in Mind, Body and Spirit.

Comments are welcome.
email : Stella@ecotrace.co.uk
Telephone UK 44 +7831 220631