The website is constantly updated with vital unusual information
to help you understand your Inner Self rather than external appearances.
We must all be responsible for our own Actions irrespective of our profession.

ECO = stands for Ecological, Cosmological Oceans ©
Trace = tracing your evolution you will fulfill your purpose of life on Mother Earth.

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I have taken this up with my provider and awaiting their reply)

We are all,
Each one of us,
Are here for a specific reason.
We need to understand and fulfill this purpose without which we continue our
cycle of Birth - Death - Reincarnation. (there is no such word as death covered later)

ECO Trace website also contains Channeled Secret or Hidden Ancient Teachings.

"There is an urgent need for Human Beings to understand this Truth".
"There is an urgent need for Human Beings to observe the Natural Law
without which man will only get what he deserves."

These Hidden Secret Teachings are in Compliance with the Natural Law.

Due to popular demand, these Teachings are now in one Complete Book 'KEY TO HEAVEN'  launched on the 7th February 2017.

'KEY TO HEAVEN' is available through :' has also been launched.

'Cosmic Human Beings'KEY TO HEAVEN' contains hidden truth. Under tab 'YAHVAH Books' kindly click on the pdf to see/read the front and back covers including the Index.

The Natural Law is the Law of Morals and Ethics opposed by man made law.

For Prosperity and Peace, Human Beings must observe the Natural Law,
the never changing Law,
the law which never requires updating, because it is
the Sole Law of All Truth,
the Sole Law which will never change.
It is this Law which was observed during the Golden Age of Peace.

Sadly, Internet sites and media enjoy copying without any depth of understanding thereby diluting vital information for Humanity particularly during these End Hours.

Click on the tab regarding Global Earthquakes
You will now observe the critical situation when islands will first disappear then
the continents. Water which we take for granted will not be available since the blue star Khachinah has been dancing. He has now removed the shield from his face. I will try to upload photographs in this context which have already been viewed by those who attend my Events.

Countries which do not comply to the Natural Law will first receive disasters as 'warnings' thereafter they will be dissolved with no place to hide.

Eco Trace Society Well Being has operated independently for over a decade  extending Free Ancient Spiritual Teachings as well as Healing when called upon.

By Spiritual I mean to understand ones Inner Self.
You are Spirit?                                                                                           
Do You feed your Spirit?

As a Healer I use Cosmic Forces to Heal & enjoy teaching how you too can Heal yourself.

This method of Healing is the Traditional Ancient method which does not have any detrimental effects on the patient, but rather, only a positive impact. Every disease is curable. Tumors can be removed without surgery.Cancer can be cured. Weak eyesight can be returned to normal again.

Having observed majority of the UK population sick, with some virus or another, on prescription antibiotics, stressed, diagnosed with cancer, limbs amputated, adults unable to control their bladders, Alzheimer's, Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy, weak memories, Lunatics, basically a degenerating United Kingdom Nation, it is clear that:

i) Radical Reform is required or else there will be no Society but rather hybrids/humanoids/robots; as well as a Society with horrendous Evil Practices;

ii) There is now the above proof that information as well as Education released by the 'Experts', NHS, Scientists, Pharmaceutical and ALL sectors are erroneous;

iii) Proof that vaccines must NOT be prescribed to all;

iv) Proof is in the Health of Citizens including children;

It is unacceptable to allow amputation of limbs, particularly of infants.
This calls upon for an immediate investigation.

Justice for Humanity.

Who is Humanity?
All Human Beings.
Not everyone you meet or converse with are from the Human Race, though their appearance might appear to be that of a Human Being.

There are Evil Beings with a destructive purpose.
They destroy everything and anything which includes poisoning of our water, air and food. It does not stop there, it is evident that Earthquakes can be predicted & are due to man made activities as is disclosed on the link mentioned above.

As we do to ALL LIFE so also shall be done first to our Loved Ones then to ourselves. Foremost in ones Heart strive for :

Thereby the Nation will thrive.
There will be Peace
Not Pieces!

This is presuming that we have sufficient time on Mother Earth.
We must not take anything for granted
Live each day
Live each hour
Live each minute as if it were your last...

Feed your Spirit
By knowing thyself!

Peace not Pieces!!!