This is my third attempt today Monday 11th Feb and the site goes down on me.

I write this information as it was channeled. No offense intended. You will understand as you progress.

As usual the Beast will cloak himself with good, kind, convincing words. Be aware of his Actions.

Observe who his friends/supporters. He has many guises. Can the Beast take Human form?

The Beast is the one who is worshiped.

The Beast performs through his worshipers.

The Beast is powerless unless he has 'followers'.

He instigates them to have changed the times, days, seasons, festivals, law, etc.

All which is changed opposes that of the Sole Almighty Creator who is of Love.

Since the Beast is of hatred, he thrives on bloodshed,

accordingly his Law is to achieve his objective

which he is successful though kind words

He mimics words, teachings from Saints into his speech

During worship to him, during the ceremony these words are openly pronounced:

"Eat my flesh and drink my blood"

His children obediently join in the celebration

The war is not an economic one. This is a distraction.

The Real War is a fight for your Spirit.

Hence truth about your body is never taught.

They are against Human Beings.

They may look like Human Beings. It would suffice to say simply that they are not.

For detail the next channeled book 'Unlock your Invisible Shackles' will have detail.

Here I wish to simply describe the stages to the End which you can monitor since

this information is not available anywhere including the 'secret underground vaults'!

As I say, the Beast will convince all he is of goodness for humanity. All will support him.

Always bear in mind,life is simply a game.

Try not to be too serious. Everyone is simply playing their part.

As an Independent Expert Evaluator for the European Commission in all documents

all were referred to as Actors. This is common knowledge and helps one to live in harmony.

We need to be aware that during the Golden Age for example, there were no religions,

neither were there any special buildings for worship. We, the Human Being is the temple.

We the Human Being is the temple of the Great Universal Spirit who cannot be contained

within man made bricks and motor. HE has created Nature for us to live & worship where ever

we are. Modern man deviates from the Divine Sacred Natural Law since he has forgotten that his

body is made up of nothing else but the Elements which surround us.

We are aware of the 'Age of Awakening' as from the 21st of December 2012.

Approximately 7 years hence those who are supposed to Awaken would be awake

receiving and accepting Truth. They will understand all which they were taught, all which

they believed, all traditions, in fact every conceivable area in ones life has been based on

false knowledge or false information. So be it. May we all learn from our darkness.

Let us move on positively.

We need to be aware and totally conscious, whenever, whoever, uses the word 'god'

immediately stop and question them, does your 'god' have a name? What is his name?

Remember, YAHVAH is the Sole Almighty CREATOR who alone gives SPIRIT.

HE is Not a 'god'. His opposer is 'yahweh' the evil one.

Other words including jehovah, adonai etc are not correct.

In the Rigg Vedas, the first Scriptures ever compiled in the first language

Sanskrit, the name is mentioned over 1000 times as YAHVAH

The Vedic words 'ADI ANADI'= without beginning

'ADI ANADI= without end

Bear in mind all previously disasters referred to as 'Act of god' is yes, the wilful

Acts of the 'Evil ONE'.

Proof :

Earthquakes are accurately predicted. See the earthquakes tab under news to verify current status.

OK Back to our Spirituality

With effect from the 21st March 2019 (approximately it is all a gradual process)

is the Age of Enlightenment.

This is the New Year - the Zodiac sign of Aries which is the Head of Man

which is not the same as that celebrated by the Beast which is exactly the

opposite, since he opposes the CREATOR of love. January Zodiac sign is the

Legs/the Thighs/then Pisces the Feet of man. This period is in fact the

season of Darkness. Hence it is impossible for any so called 'New Year'

resolution to be fulfilled as it is not in accordance with planetary alignment.

21st March 2019 commences the Age of Animals

Animals have started rejoicing

Animals will be scarce

This equally applies to all animals, be them birds  in the air,

mammals, aquatic, pets or farm or in the wild etc.

they will be on Mother Earth no more

If you think your Pets are happy, think again.

Would you like to be taken outdoors only for a specific length of time

Given unnatural food

Have a collar and be chained?

I will not talk about the terrible cruelty to the innocent 'farm animals'.

It is already mentioned on my site.

They have been crying for justice for centuries.

At last their time has come and they celebrate.

Though the wild birds, garden birds have already diminished

Many new captivated ones have been recently released giving

the impression that everything is normal.

Then you will observe crops will be non productive

In fact this has seriously commenced

Human beings become diseased, weak and unable to cope

Population will be greatly reduced

Alongside there will be terrible on going disasters

Nothing will be the same

Consider this period when you are walking with your smart phone,

shopping, using the internet as still 'good days'

The Age of Enlightenment combined with the Age of Animals

brings about the Age of Justice

   will continue ....gone past my bedtime.....Peace to you

Many will accept that ALL comes from ONE Source

Without the CREATOR nothing can exist

Even the Sky will fall

The CREATOR begins to receive rightful worship by those who Awaken

The CREATOR is solely of Love, Peace, Justice, Harmony

HE who always was since the Beginning

HE who will always continue to be