Monday, 16th October 2017

This morning in the UK (Northern Hemisphere) we had a momentous experience.
Hercolubus is no more hiding but in fact made himself visible, in the same location
from morning into nearly 3 o'clock, despite thick black clouds.

The sensation too was a fabulous experience.
Only the larger birds flew and appeared in turmoil
encircling themselves as if with the wind - 'whither shall we settle'
it appeared they chirpped.

Ravi same out after midday and seemed to have calmed the situation
sending darkness away.

I will be uploading the recordings of Hercolubus.

Nothing is of greater importance than to purify your Spirit.
Or else, if you do not, then it will be done to you.

Between today and Thursday and thereafter ' Be Prepared' - in Mind
Body & Spirit or else I guess, if you ignore these words you will go 'Mental'.

There is alot of activity going on above us
Just because you cannot see
Does not mean it does not exist

The website has all the details including 'Key to Heaven' link which you
can either purchase or I can send you for free if you cannot afford it.
No I am unable to get rich out of selling a book. Neither is it my intent.

Nothing man made attracts me.

October 2017

If you have read the Autumn section below you will begin to appreciate the following link which shows Sink holes appearing not in the UK but globally. In fact they commenced nearly a decade ago on a small scale allowing people time to reform.
Sadly, the world ignores the Natural Law which is not really a Law.
The Natural Law is our Right, our Duty as Human Beings to Love all Life
to Love every creature not just our Pets
Supporting slaughter is because one lacks love for all Life
so also
expect the same
first to your loved ones
then to yourself.

Search the words 'Sink Holes UK' and see these links below before they are removed.

October Newsletter

Greetings of Peace to all those who attended the recent last gathering for 2017.

Though we might not continue meeting later this year (2017) kindly continue
with the Teachings. Try to read and observe the Invocations in 'Key to Heaven'. 

Some say I have read the book.
The Book is not solely for reading.
It is required as your daily 'food' for the morning and evening.
Read, practise, oberve, live the innvocations.
Reading them alone is not the purpose.
This should be your daily Bible!!!

Daily repetition both in the morning as well as in the evening before going to bed, will sooner or later cause your Higher Self to Awaken.  

Meditation too is recommended. Simply sit in silence and let your Mind speak to you.

On my website there is a Forum tab. Feel free to submit reviews or ask questions etc It has been designed with you in mind so use it while it is there for a few more months into 2018 after which it might not be available.

I also upload warnings or topical information as prompted.   In the light of the recent increase of sink holes in the UK and elsewhere links with the latest press releases are below. I presume they will be blocked shortly.

Learn about sink holes should you be unaware!!!  
What will happen if one swallows your dwelling?

Mother Earth and Her Divine Spirits are concerned with the lethargic attitude of Human Beings.   Nature provides food and all the Elements which Human Beings require to he Healthy and strong.  

Man and Nature are as One  

To be Healthy and strong Human Beings must live in Harmony with Nature.  

During the past ages when man complied to Terrestrial Law of Nature there was Peace with no global disasters, neither was there disease.  

Our Human Body has been designed, capable and efficient in performing all which we need to accomplish, whether it is to cleanse our body, plough the land, grow and maintain and harvest.  

We must learn again to be self sufficient as best we can working in Harmony with Nature.  

As you are within, so you shall attract to yourself

Should you succeed to live a life of total love for all life there will be nothing to fear Neither will Wild beasts, Humans or Disaster attack you  

Live in harmony with all.

Study and observe the Lessons on your Thinking, Feeling and Acting Bodies.

My personal guarantee is that no Harm can ever come to you when you are Balanced. Then you will cross over to the New World   Though we currently do not have plans to meet in 2017 I am always there for you also providing remote Healing.    
Love & Peace to everyone who reads this.           


Autumn Equinox September 2017


As mentioned on my Home Page which I was updating, Blue Star Khachinha
has made himself visible from the Cosmos. Our ancestors taught us that when Khachinha appears for a while, first he will appear as a star with his face hidden
granting populations on Mother Earth a limited time to re-form, to be grateful to HIM who gives BREATH to ALL LIFE.

A.Khachina says will will first appear. Observe me. I will hide my face as a sign you still have time to re-form.

When I unshield my face, I am loosing my patience, perhaps, I have lost my patience even though I am blue because I am cool. Not hot which exoteric ones might refer blue colour to.

I then hand over the next phase to the one with Heat.
The Red Star.
The Red Planet Hercolubus.
Be prepared.

There is nothing to fear.
You can only get what you deserve.
If you know not the one who gives you breath
When your feet tread the dusty soil
It will be too late for you in this life

Signs you will see
Strange and vicious creatures from the Sea
In your cities
By now you would have observed the numerous earthquakes
Fire sprouting from Mother Earth
Landslides, floods, plagues and epidemics
The internet binding its web into every space
Children molesting and killing children
Children giving birth
Watch each morning the glow of the sky
Darker shade of red will bring on the turmoil
This is all man made
You have noone else to blame
But yourselves
As you only attract unto yourselves
That of which you are

Red star am I
Glowing with delight
Working on my job
Both day and night
Observing those who observe the Natural Law
Seeing disobediance and ignorance
Man made Law to steal your Spirits
From Ever Lasting Eternal Life
I would like to hide my face in shame
But this will prolong the agony
Of those who call upon YAHVAH to come soon
For the Final Judgement

Peace not Pieces!!!

20th March 2017

Love and Peace to all celebrating New Year today the 20th of March 2017.
In Ancient times, today was celebrated as New Year due to the Planetary  alignment.

It is the first day of the Zodiac sign Aries.
Aries represents the Head of the Human Being.

Yesterday the 19th of March was the last day of the year represented
by Pisces the feet of Man.

This is the true New Year to make your intentions. It lasts for a fortnight.

Others celebrate New Year on the 1st of January according to the Christian calendar which was introduced  by Pope Gregory. None of your new year resolutions made during this period can ever be supported by the Planets.

Thank you for all those who commenced wonderful surprises and joined with me on the eve of New Year. y

I am so sorry I could not accept your offers to be part of my intended Charity .
This is because I have achieved most of my objectives for Justice in the various fields.

Other pending areas too Justice will be achieved.
Evil is being uprooted.
Uprooted from its core.

Wishing you much Peace and Joy.

Dear Readers

Nothing is what it might appear.

Soon there will be tremendous changes which will effect your life drastically.

How will you cope when you are unable to work either due to sickness or transportation mode now becoming obsolete.

If there was pandemic with no Doctors and no NHS how would you react?

You take garbage collection for granted, what if that were discontinued?

Without electricity everything closes from no shops, no tills, therefore no food,
no water from the taps therefore no flushing your toilet.

Make peace within yourself.

Mother Earth is CRUMBLE - CRUMBLE - CRUMBLE !!!

My last event for the year will be on Monday the 25th of September 2017.
This is not an open event.
However, should you or a group be interested in understanding more, do contact me, I will be pleased to schedule a special Lecture for you.

February 2017

It is of tremendous concern to observe TESCO UK have life size posters at the entrance with images of 'Waiters' with a plate of Flesh & Blood, processed amputated limbs either spiced in a curry or called 'ham' sandwiches.
(This has since been removed Sept 2017)

Is this not an insult to those who enter their Supermarket/Stores who do not consume, who do not support cruelty to innocent cute, cuddly, creatures without a voice?

A lamb, a calf, chicken, turkey, cows, pigs are all equally entitled to their lives.
A lamb, a calf, chicken, turkey, cows, pigs are all equally entitled to be with their parents and their 'children'.

Yet man snatches these 'children' away from these innocent animals
then when man has his 'children' snatched away by UK Social Workers he cries and pleads and says what wrong have I done???

As we do to every single Living Creature
So shall be done back to us
First to our Loved ones
Then to our selves!!!

TESCO then sells gluten free, milk free etc products
On the same shelf they store dairy & animal Flesh & Blood products.
It is best to purchase your Vegan products from a Health Food Store when you can be certain of the non- cross contamination.