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Saturday, 3rd February 2018

A while ago this message I received
Which might be achieved or so I believe
A cruiseline loaded with passengers galore
All drinking to their Health
Celebrating their life styles
Performances and wealth
An endless journey
They began
To sail the water
Never to have a Home Land

They drank & danced
They sang and frolicked
Enjoying the sailing
On board
The sail of 'sail-o-holics'!
No worry is ours
They are gone forever
Here we will eat drink
No matter the weather

A month went by
The chefs prepared all their meals
No shortages at all
Could the passengers ever see
Though shortages were arising
Hidden by the Captain & the sailing slease
When will we receive our stock
The Chefs demand,
Captain, kindly hear our plea

I do not know says the Captain
Movement has got extremely slow
Radar is not working anymore
I hear not the sound of the engines
But some sort of groan
The fog is too thick to see whither we will go

Eventually he climbed down the ladder
Into the Engine room he went
He then looked out
There were no waters
It was all dry to the world earthquakes and volcanic events
We are stuck in deep sinking mud
For how long I do not know
No life guard can ever save us
We will never arrive any shore
Here we will perish
Here we will rot
Consume all the passengers
So that none of them find out

There is no place to hide


Wednesday, 31st January 2018

Kindly view the visions and prophesy tab

Sunday, 21st January 2018

Kindly view the visions and prophesy tab

1st January 2018

According to Planetary alignments, New Year day is on the 20th of March during the Zodiac sign of Aries i.e. the Head of the Human Being. On this day I will launch 'Cosmic Human Beings' my second YAHVAH channelled Book to help Humanity
understand ones purpose of life on earth.

Those who celebrate New Year today, well, so be it.

Those who celebrated Christmas it would be nice if one maintained the Spirit of Love and Peace for all thoughout the Year.

Stay united, with all those you meet not just your family. The word family should really mean all those we come in contact with. Each and every Human Being.

One thought has just entered my mind. Those who eat genetically engineered food including Salmon, Corn products, Bread, Coffee, Sugar (confectionery) etc it is possible you get a new growth of teeth  alongside your present or existing teeth.

Did you notice the nano balls of fat which fell this morning. It looked like sleet but on investigation you could see them clearly as balls of fat. Whatever will they do next.

So be it. Just continue - bring on the end speedily. Each will only get what one deserves. Peace not pieces.

25th December 2017

The meaning of Christmas is mentioned under one of my earlier articles.
The festive season when Turkeys, Lambs, Chickens etc need to run and hide.
Everyone dresses in black and red, is it mourning and blood?
The festive for flesh and blood celebration...'eat my flesh & drink my blood' is also receited by the Pope/Priest. What could this mean particularly with a Human Being
nailed to a Crucifix.
I do not know.
I do not wish to be part of cruelty to nail innocent people, just because he said he was a Jew.

There is much we need to awaken to and not simply observe tradition without true understanding.

My next Channelled Book which I understand will be called 'Cosmic Man' will be launched in the new year which is what most refer to as Spring day the 21st of March 2018,

There are numerous global disaster whereby global tectonic plates have dislocated.
I guess something will happen soon. Let us focus on our spirit.

Take care Peace to you

14th December 2017

'Love from Me to You' a local, in Tetbury, Gloucester, free exchange or give away to those in need extending to Professional skills in any sphere suitable for all ages.
All welcome.
The official launch will be in the New Year which is on the 21st of March 2018.
This is an open invitation to all.
We all all living atoms and require to keep each other alive and healthy.
Let us all co-operate and not say, he is Polish or Indian or British.
Let us say, he is part of me - my brother, my sister my extended family.
Ignore no one in need.
Love all Life.
Be of Love from within.

Love and Peace to all.

8th December, 2017

Something strange in the 'air'

Though in a rush, I wish to pass on this vital information. I have seen tiny insects, some flying at eye level others flying near the feet and several on the floor/carpet/under the carpet.
They are all different species. I have taken photographs but unable to upload. My provider Easily say this will be rectified in Jan 2018.
The species are for instance tiny centipedes, others small narrow brown, hard bodied like beetles but very small, still others hatch into white worms. I am still investigating the source which so far appears from the 'air' which are unnatural - understand!!!

Bio metrics active in Supermarkets

Strange experience the other day. I handed over cash to the person at the till with the item I intended to purchase. Cash included the'Tallow smeared £5' of which I expressed my view.
Guess what?
The person at the till gave me the print of which reads as follows :
'request for (shows approx 20 digits) was not successful'.
The tills were still serving others and she was able to serve the next person after me. Thought Not me.
This I presume was 'Voice recognition'.
They did not like my comment about the cruelty and tallow.

Be warned. When you use your card etc.
So be it.
Form your own local community/groups/extended family.
Love all.
Soon only those unable to think for themselves will be served.

Be safe.
Love & Peace.
Will update on Sunday.

1st December, 2017

I find that some information which I uploaded last week has been removed.

So be it.

Under the Visions and Prophesies tab there is information about what I saw.

Saturday, Sabbath, 25th November 2017

Updated important information will be uploaded after Sabbath today which is after sunset. Peace to your mind.

Tuesday, 21st November 2017

Re my article dated 5th November 2017 on 'Yellow Fog' or 'Thick Fog' reported by media today the 21st of November is reported by guardian about the Radiation leak. I had mentioned viruses as I had seen people drop down like flies after a period i.e. delay. Global population will be substantially reduced. I saw for instance 2 people waiting in a surgery with no doctors and no electricity.


No need to fear.
This has been planned over decades.
There are simple methods to remove any disease which needs to be customised hence I will help those who contact me direct.

The second comment is in connection with my article below dated 15th November on 'Christ-mas what does it mean'?
Kindly refer to this article for the days and sunrise and sunset times which are vital to the response.

Now as the procession of the sun is arranging to reverse, the sun will start setting 1 minute dater daily therefore increasing the light, doing away with darkness in other words also awakening the human race, as the sun brings life.

This is what the Western Scholars, Priests etc have wrongly interpreted as 'Son being born' it is the 'SUN being born i.e. standing still daily rising and setting the same time giving Light, awakening humans'.

A Roman Catholic priest in an article link in mine dated 19th November confirms that the priest wishes to do away with the word 'Christ-mas' - full meaning in my previous articles.

Take care. Be of Peace. Not Pieces!
Love all
Uphold Truth.
Let Truth be your Shield from all Radiation!!!

Sunday, 19th November 2017

Hi Folks!
Thanks for visiting again. Extremely interesting comment today by a Roman Catholic Priest regarding 'Christ-mas'.
Here is the link.


Great he is responding to mine of the 15th of November 2017 (below) the title
'So this is Christ-mas'!

Gradually Truth about false teachings are being released.

This is great news for those who observe Tradition blindly just because your parents, or grandparents observed a specific celebration. It is time to awaken and be unconscious of what and why we do certain things.

Religion was made by man.
All that is man made is for an economic reason.
Religion is NOT to awaken you of your Spirit.
No Religious Institution nor Religious Priest can guide you to Inner Purification.
This I say because I approached a Roman Catholic Priest with my book 'Key to Heaven' & he was amazed. He too did not know the truth. Then I told him to preach to the truth. His spontaneous reply was that this was his profession. It gives him a roof over his head and food for his family.

Global masses have been trapped for generations
not for an economic reason but rather to steal your Spirit so that you join the evil forces i.e. evil spirits when your body is transformed.

Should the requirement be from the hearts of man
I will be able to establish an Educational Center
where you will have life changing experiences.

You have alot to absorb today so I leave you now.
Thanks for reading this.
Love & Peace

Friday, 17th November 2017

In response to those who ask, what shall we do, we feel the need to worship but know not where to turn as the truth seems to be hidden. Everywhere all Churches ask for money in the name of some Charity or another disaster, when we ourselves are struggling.
Why are they globally teaching false worship?

To answer this there are two vital points which will clarify.
First is the changing of the last or 7th day of the week from Saturday to Sunday & the second is all those who observed worship on Saturday were burnt at the stakes in Westminster Market, London, England.

Why is this so serious?

HE who gives us Breath created all Life.
Where there is Life there is Breath.
There is no such thing as empty space.
Just because you cannot see something, you presume it is void does not mean there is no Life there.

When the Creator created all Life in 6 days (not literally)
On the 7th day he enjoyed HIS creation
& therefore told man we too need to spend one day the 7th day relaxing and
looking within ourselves, at our spirituality so that we can perfect ourselves.

This has no connection with any Religion.
This is simply understanding our inner self i.e. making connection with our inner self, which is Spirit, because we are Spirit. Without Spirit you are recycled!!!

Because the Creator is of Supreme Love HE is Adorable
It is HE who Created us to have Freedom
It is HE who Created us so that we live in Peace & Harmony
It is HE who Created all creatures that we may love them (not slaughter them)
Thereby have Perfect Health

Just imagine if you have a partner, a husband, a wife, a friend with this beautiful personality, would you not adore them???

The Jesuits in their dislike or hatred is the more appropriate word which they have for the Creator who is of Love, Peace, Harmony, Sincerity, Justice etc etc formed an Order to steal the truth, the blind generations over centuries, so that we do not comply to the Natural Law of Truth, that we love that which steals our Spirit from Eternal Life, Love, Peace, Justice in order for the world to be Evil thereby attracting disasters, disease etc etc.

This is where we are today.

Who do the Jesuits worship? Who does the Vat-i-can worship?
No more said by me.

Observe true teachings. They are all in 'Key to Heaven'.
Should you request a free book then do so.

Spirit tells me that soon this book will not be available.
The price will escalate. I already observe the second hand ones are selling for an increased price.

Tell you friends about the truth that you are all Spirit....

Peace & Love to all.

Wednesday, 15th November 2017
So this is 'Christ'-'mas' - the true meaning.

We all have a name due to its significance, therefore importance.

'Christ' is not the name of an person. Prior to the word 'Christ' in the English vocabulary it was in Greek referred to as 'Kristos' which was derived from 'Krsna'.
The word 'Krsna' means consciousness.

This is the sole purpose of every Human Being i.e. to become conscious of their
'star dust', of their Solar Biology, of the elements that we Humans are made up of i.e. more than 75% water which is Air, which is Space within our Human Body.
Do you get the point?
We are 'Sleeping Cosmic Beings' - it is time to wake.
By Awakening you obtain total freedom.
Detail in 'Key to Heaven'

So what is the true meaning of 'Christ'-mas?
'Krsna' consciousness is awakening the 'sun' within your internal body.

What connection does this have with 'Christ'-mas?

Observe the auspicious rising and setting of the Sun which is unusual. The Sun is the bearer of Light, the Life giver which none can deny. Times mentioned below are UK times.

December 22nd, 23rd & 24th 2017 for these 3 days the Sun rises at 6:00 am
December 22nd & 23rd the Sun sets at the same time 17:58 pm

December 25th, 26th, 27th - 3 days the Sun rises at 6:01 am
December 24th & 25th the Sun sets at 18:00 the same time for 2 days
& thereafter setting 1 minute later.

This Sun Worship i.e. thanksgiving to the Sun is fine as we all enjoy

However, Western Scholars, Jesuits etc etc perhaps in error or deliberate mis-spelt
'SUN' as 'SON'!!!

Then 'SUN'  became 'SON' of man & the name 'Jesus' was introduced after the 'Je-suits' with symbolic meaning in the design of clothing. For example business 'suits' were introduced as a sign for we are the controllers of the then newly introduced economy. Those non-compliant, the slip knots of your ties which you wear around the neck, they can be tightened at any time. What other significance can a tie around the neck have? Think of this!!!

I am locally forming a culture where whatever I give is free. Join me if you wish.

Further more the Sun continues to rise at the same time i.e. 6:02 am
on the 28th, 29th, 30th, 31 December 2017 (4 days) continuing into 2018 January
from the 1st to the 8th of January.

There is more detail which I can supply should you be interested. Though the above, I presume should suffice.

During the 24th to the 28th the head and tail of the constellation Serpens, which is depicted in Medicine is the rebirth hence the celebration of 'Christianity' the birth of a 'son' instead of 'SUN'.

This constellation is visible during the Winter months from the Southern Hemisphere.

The purpose of this message is to awaken one to the true meaning of Life particularly in the current conditions when Spirituality is eroded from Consciousness hence man attract disasters.

Be of Love to all life. Peace to your mind for reading and accepting.

Sunday, 12th November 2017

Many places in UK celebrated slaughter of innocent lives of men, women and children today.
Commemorating bloodshed.
This terrible War was celebrated in Churches on this land.

Observe that the Country, the Land can only attract that of what it is at heart.

As has been celebrated the suffering and pain of others
So also all those involved will and must according to the Natural Law
Attract such unto themselves.
First to their loved ones
then to themselves.

Devastation which has never occurred in the UK before will commence

There can be no turning back now. 100 years & no regret.

This is what the Country has attracted.

Those who did not participate nor support this cruel inhumane celebration will have nothing to fear. They and their loved ones will be protected.

I bear no grudge nor animosity with anyone
As a Scientist I am basically observing the Natural Law of Attraction.

So be it!!!

Last week I also referred to the 'Congested Water Vapour' saturated with viruses which media mildly refers to as Fog or Yellow Radiation. This is only the start.
Two explosions will be in the West
Two explosions in the East
& one in the middle nearer to the East.

There will also be a larger one in the North.
These are not my predictions.
They are what is channeled through Chandra and Sabbath.
I will try to upload the images as soon as the software is updated so that you will have a better understanding. Today there appears to be some blocks.

Enjoy. I am also working on a 'Key to Heaven - Work Book' which will be available either to download for free or purchase from the usual chains of booksellers.

There is so much so say.
It is difficult to select what to upload.

Be of Peace - to all.
Love & Peace

Sunday, 5th November 2017
Some uploaded information has been blocked.
Celebrating, commemorating slaughter, taking of lives which is due to be celebrated next 'Sun' day was the topic which has been blocked.
Those who celebrate
are without love
the same is what we will attract to ourselves
first our loved ones will be taken away from us
then we will most probably land in Sink Holes
with no rescue operations
as according to the natural l a w
as we do to others
so shall be done to us
Be therefore of Peace
Be therefore of Love
Do not participate
Do not support taking of innocent l i v e s
Peace to your Mind for reading this
Peace to your Heart for accepting these words

Thick Congested Water Vapour saturated with viruses which media
refers to as either Fog or Yellow Radiation is a warning.
This is due to the numerous European earthquakes last week which were in Bosnia,
Romania, Central Italy/Rome, South France to name a few. The magnitudes are increasing and further are expected, this week.

Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, besides release of noxious substances including nuclear underground are all gradually being released.

They all rise filling several places in the UK with congested Vapour saturated with viruses etc. It is best you sleep with your windows shut. Those who go out wear filter masks. At least try to wrap several layers of pure cotton around your nostrils and mouth. Carry hankerchiefs which you can spit into as you will feel the pollution in your mouth.

My website has the links to the fabulous one who accurately forecasts earthquakes etc.

Nothing to fear.
The end is nigh.
That is all.
Build your Spiritual bridge to cross over to the other side.
I do not imply death there is no such word in my dictionary.


Tuesday, 31st October 2017
Thanks for clicking here. Despite numerous priorities and surprise visits
I will be updating today with interesting information.
In the meantime do kindly read the other tabs.
Feel free to contact me.
Enjoy & Peace to your mind. Be calm despite whatever might be happening around you.

Since I have been asked this question about Paganism I therefore respond.
I need to clarify my understanding of Paganism. It is nothing to do with
any religion. It is simply all which our Bodies are made out of. All which keeps us
alive. Without which we would be transformed back to Spirit which some call death.

I have also been asked should we campaign to stop the various means of pollution such as fracking, chemtrails, nuclear waste in water etc etc.

In my opinion, man can only get what he deserves.
If man builds his protective shield around him, through balancing his internal
bodies, no harm can befall him.

It appears that the Earth will be destroyed by a Cosmic Body which once again
man has attracted due to his persistence of ignoring the Natural Law.

Recently media is releasing information regarding the high percentage of Mental illness in the UK. To rephrase this, media is releasing information regarding the high percentage of Mad people in the UK or shall I say, media is releasing information regarding the high percentage of Lunatics in the UK.

Media broadcasts that it is trying to remove the stigma related to the Lunatics in the UK.

Businesses have been encouraged to employ Lunatics.

Can you imagine the fabulous Customer Service from companies with Mental Health, Mad or Lunatics at the front desk since they are not responsible for their actions.

It is sad that all those who claim or admit to be lunatics, nothing which they ever say or document will be held. If they made a Will it will be disqualified. They will not be allowed to drive an automobile nor have any Insurance. Perhaps, pregnancy too will be a 'no no' as a Lunatic lacks intelligence.

What is the purpose of this article?
My concern for these Lunatics.
Instead of giving them all medication whereby they develop other serious diseases the cause of their mental state must be addressed.

In the 1980's I predicted this.
These Lunatics are the victims of two serious causes. One is Wireless systems which by the way includes your Mobile Smart phones and other Electronic devices along with polluted food which includes meat/beef and all its by products used as ingredients in Pastries & several other processed foods.

None can dispute these words.

If you carry your Wireless Phones you are facilitating the speedy decline of your Central Nervous System. For men you get prostrate cancer and much more for both male and female.

It is not too late for you who has been diagnosed as a Lunatic.

I personally assure you that all can be cured there are ofcourse terms and conditions. I wish everyone well and concerned about the Health of everyone.

Taking pills to surpress conditions is definitely not the answer.

Enjoy the 'spooky' night - ha! not really, it is a fabulous night (yesterday as well)
to make contact with those who have transformed to Spirit. Take care. Do this only when you are perfectly balanced and can control them and certainly not the other way round.

There is an interesting article on 'Elect'-ri-city which I will spell out tomorrow. I did intend to do so today but the visitors needed time...so be it.

Enjoy...much love and peace....

Thursday, 19th October 2017

Many ask if this is the End of the World?
So what, I say, let us celebrate now since we have seen Hercolubus who is
also called Nibiru or the Red PlanetX.

There is nothing to be afraid of.
We will only attract that of what we are from within.

Hence, the vital, critical fact to balance your entire inner bodies not through
external Yoga exercises, but mainly your invisible Bodies, details in
'Key to Heaven'.

I have updated the website and find it extremely difficult to upload any media.
Will continue trying.

Feel free to contact me.

Monday, 16th October 2017

This morning in the UK (Northern Hemisphere) we had a momentous experience.
Hercolubus is no more hiding but in fact made himself visible, in the same location
from morning into nearly 3 o'clock, despite thick black clouds.

The sensation too was a fabulous experience.
Only the larger birds flew and appeared in turmoil
encircling themselves as if with the wind - 'whither shall we settle'
it appeared they chirpped.

Ravi same out after midday and seemed to have calmed the situation
sending darkness away.

I will be uploading the recordings of Hercolubus.

Nothing is of greater importance than to purify your Spirit.
Or else, if you do not, then it will be done to you.

Between today and Thursday and thereafter ' Be Prepared' - in Mind
Body & Spirit or else I guess, if you ignore these words you will go 'Mental'.

There is alot of activity going on above us
Just because you cannot see
Does not mean it does not exist

The website has all the details including 'Key to Heaven' link which you
can either purchase or I can send you for free if you cannot afford it.
No I am unable to get rich out of selling a book. Neither is it my intent.

Nothing man made attracts me.

October 2017

If you have read the Autumn section below you will begin to appreciate the following link which shows Sink holes appearing not in the UK but globally. In fact they commenced nearly a decade ago on a small scale allowing people time to reform.
Sadly, the world ignores the Natural Law which is not really a Law.
The Natural Law is our Right, our Duty as Human Beings to Love all Life
to Love every creature not just our Pets
Supporting slaughter is because one lacks love for all Life
so also
expect the same
first to your loved ones
then to yourself.

Search the words 'Sink Holes UK' and see these links below before they are removed.


October Newsletter

Greetings of Peace to all those who attended the recent last gathering for 2017.

Though we might not continue meeting later this year (2017) kindly continue
with the Teachings. Try to read and observe the Invocations in 'Key to Heaven'. 

Some say I have read the book.
The Book is not solely for reading.
It is required as your daily 'food' for the morning and evening.
Read, practise, oberve, live the innvocations.
Reading them alone is not the purpose.
This should be your daily Bible!!!

Daily repetition both in the morning as well as in the evening before going to bed, will sooner or later cause your Higher Self to Awaken.  

Meditation too is recommended. Simply sit in silence and let your Mind speak to you.

On my website www.ecotrace.co.uk there is a Forum tab. Feel free to submit reviews or ask questions etc It has been designed with you in mind so use it while it is there for a few more months into 2018 after which it might not be available.

I also upload warnings or topical information as prompted.   In the light of the recent increase of sink holes in the UK and elsewhere links with the latest press releases are below. I presume they will be blocked shortly.

Learn about sink holes should you be unaware!!!  
What will happen if one swallows your dwelling?

Mother Earth and Her Divine Spirits are concerned with the lethargic attitude of Human Beings.   Nature provides food and all the Elements which Human Beings require to he Healthy and strong.  

Man and Nature are as One  

To be Healthy and strong Human Beings must live in Harmony with Nature.  

During the past ages when man complied to Terrestrial Law of Nature there was Peace with no global disasters, neither was there disease.  

Our Human Body has been designed, capable and efficient in performing all which we need to accomplish, whether it is to cleanse our body, plough the land, grow and maintain and harvest.  

We must learn again to be self sufficient as best we can working in Harmony with Nature.  

As you are within, so you shall attract to yourself

Should you succeed to live a life of total love for all life there will be nothing to fear Neither will Wild beasts, Humans or Disaster attack you  

Live in harmony with all.

Study and observe the Lessons on your Thinking, Feeling and Acting Bodies.

My personal guarantee is that no Harm can ever come to you when you are Balanced. Then you will cross over to the New World   Though we currently do not have plans to meet in 2017 I am always there for you also providing remote Healing.    
Love & Peace to everyone who reads this.           
Autumn Equinox September 2017

As mentioned on my Home Page which I was updating, Blue Star Khachinha
has made himself visible from the Cosmos. Our ancestors taught us that when Khachinha appears for a while, first he will appear as a star with his face hidden
granting populations on Mother Earth a limited time to re-form, to be grateful to HIM who gives BREATH to ALL LIFE.

A.Khachina says will will first appear. Observe me. I will hide my face as a sign you still have time to re-form.

When I unshield my face, I am loosing my patience, perhaps, I have lost my patience even though I am blue because I am cool. Not hot which exoteric ones might refer blue colour to.

I then hand over the next phase to the one with Heat.
The Red Star.
The Red Planet Hercolubus.
Be prepared.

There is nothing to fear.
You can only get what you deserve.
If you know not the one who gives you breath
When your feet tread the dusty soil
It will be too late for you in this life

Signs you will see
Strange and vicious creatures from the Sea
In your cities
By now you would have observed the numerous earthquakes
Fire sprouting from Mother Earth
Landslides, floods, plagues and epidemics
The internet binding its web into every space
Children molesting and killing children
Children giving birth
Watch each morning the glow of the sky
Darker shade of red will bring on the turmoil
This is all man made
You have noone else to blame
But yourselves
As you only attract unto yourselves
That of which you are

Red star am I
Glowing with delight
Working on my job
Both day and night
Observing those who observe the Natural Law
Seeing disobediance and ignorance
Man made Law to steal your Spirits
From Ever Lasting Eternal Life
I would like to hide my face in shame
But this will prolong the agony
Of those who call upon YAHVAH to come soon
For the Final Judgement

Peace not Pieces!!!

20th March 2017

Love and Peace to all celebrating New Year today the 20th of March 2017.
In Ancient times, today was celebrated as New Year due to the Planetary  alignment.

It is the first day of the Zodiac sign Aries.
Aries represents the Head of the Human Being.

Yesterday the 19th of March was the last day of the year represented
by Pisces the feet of Man.

This is the true New Year to make your intentions. It lasts for a fortnight.

Others celebrate New Year on the 1st of January according to the Christian calendar which was introduced  by Pope Gregory. None of your new year resolutions made during this period can ever be supported by the Planets.

Thank you for all those who commenced wonderful surprises and joined with me on the eve of New Year. y

I am so sorry I could not accept your offers to be part of my intended Charity .
This is because I have achieved most of my objectives for Justice in the various fields.

Other pending areas too Justice will be achieved.
Evil is being uprooted.
Uprooted from its core.

Wishing you much Peace and Joy.

Dear Readers

Nothing is what it might appear.

Soon there will be tremendous changes which will effect your life drastically.

How will you cope when you are unable to work either due to sickness or transportation mode now becoming obsolete.

If there was pandemic with no Doctors and no NHS how would you react?

You take garbage collection for granted, what if that were discontinued?

Without electricity everything closes from no shops, no tills, therefore no food,
no water from the taps therefore no flushing your toilet.

Make peace within yourself.

Mother Earth is CRUMBLE - CRUMBLE - CRUMBLE !!!

My last event for the year will be on Monday the 25th of September 2017.
This is not an open event.
However, should you or a group be interested in understanding more, do contact me, I will be pleased to schedule a special Lecture for you.

February 2017

It is of tremendous concern to observe TESCO UK have life size posters at the entrance with images of 'Waiters' with a plate of Flesh & Blood, processed amputated limbs either spiced in a curry or called 'ham' sandwiches.
(This has since been removed Sept 2017)

Is this not an insult to those who enter their Supermarket/Stores who do not consume, who do not support cruelty to innocent cute, cuddly, creatures without a voice?

A lamb, a calf, chicken, turkey, cows, pigs are all equally entitled to their lives.
A lamb, a calf, chicken, turkey, cows, pigs are all equally entitled to be with their parents and their 'children'.

Yet man snatches these 'children' away from these innocent animals
then when man has his 'children' snatched away by UK Social Workers he cries and pleads and says what wrong have I done???

As we do to every single Living Creature
So shall be done back to us
First to our Loved ones
Then to our selves!!!

TESCO then sells gluten free, milk free etc products
On the same shelf they store dairy & animal Flesh & Blood products.
It is best to purchase your Vegan products from a Health Food Store when you can be certain of the non- cross contamination.