Sunday, 4th March 2018

I had a vision this morning.
I saw that I was walking toward my window
when enormous blasts of winds were so strong they blew my window in
(the glass did not break)
The walls literally curved in like the sides of a balloon
Then I rushed to the other room where someone was typing and said
It is the End of the World
I think I was ignored

I said it is the End of the World because this is what I was told

On the 3rd of March 2018 Chandra who is the Archetype for what you call the Moon
showed me this which I will not interpret though will describe

I burnt a Church Candle
About 3 to 4 inches of it burnt centrally leaving the sides in tact
Then the sides
from the say 11 o'clock point to 7 o'clock burnt
leaving the sides from 11 to 7 smooth
However from 7 to 11 the West side the was has rolled up
and has fallen
Then Chandra has curled the long wick
made it into an arch
and put the flame out
in the hot wax

I believe there will be no more explosions
but rather the melting
but rather the dissolving
the Alchemical process

So be it
I leave you in Peace!!!

Nothing matters more than to protect your Spirit.

Sunday, 18th February 2018

Yesterday, at approximately 2:30 pm I had dedicated two candles one for Sabbath and the other for Chandra who most refer to as a Planet, the Moon.
This was an extremely auspicious day.

I was busy with my on going channelling and I head a loud bang above me. I had never heard that type of sound before. I briefly thought what could this be with no further investigation, still focussing on my script.

Than I heard a strange thud above. I heard both my candles lift and drop back down safey on the metal plate they were standing all this happening within seconds.

My room shook, as I have never experienced.
Again I thought what could this be?
It had never occured to be that it was an earthquake. Besides, I would do nothing different if I was aware that it was one.

Prior to this I had seen something like a sinking hole
Swallowing all
I noticed the sand and asked is this the way things will be and saw a slight tear drop

Human Beings have been granted extended time to reform, to undo the harm they have done to deprive innocent human beings of knowledge of their spirituality.

If all simply looked within
This world would be a better place
So be it
Fear not

Wednesday, 31st January 2018

I feel prompted to broadcast these two visions which I had today.
I am rushing with only a few moments to type.

The first was up in the beautiful bright blue sky daytime
I saw two small beautiful white powdery clouds
In front of them were two dark like metal dark rock slabs
They were slightly narrow and parrallel to each other
the sides were straightish
the top was not straight
something like a point
like a coffin
They were rather long

The second was a fire in the sky
the colour was reddish not very big
below it was dark black smoke
I was puzzled and dazzed as they appeared practically one after the other

Should I think of a further better description I will add it.


Sunday, 21st January 2018

This is what I saw
An infestation of what looked like the size and width of a grain of basmati rice
The colour dark chocolate brown
It crawled but first it seemed to have flown before it came into this crawling form
It stood on one end
In the pile of carpets

It stuck on animals (pets) in doors
Children, toddlers crawled on it
These bugs entered their ears and hair
Into bed linen
They also crawl up the walls
& spread everywhere
They like to hide under furniture

They increase speedily
They bite
Spread diseases
These are man made
Though you might clean the carpet and think now it is safe
within a few minutes they appear
Due to their size and the way they stand up as well as colour they are difficult to detect unless they decide to crawl.
They come out when it is warm.

Catch them
Put them in an air tight jar
You could use water to drown them

In the name of justice
all those involved in this deadly manufacture of infestation
Will be plagued by them

Feed back will be appreciated.
Love and Peace - be safe!!!

Monday, 8th January 2018

This morning, as I closed my eyes reflecting/meditating, I saw what I presumed to be the Moon, a great distance, directly in front of me. This took me by surprise because it was not the same as the usual process.

Anyway, I kept trying to focus and he turned Red.

Then he twirled as if dancing at great speed with a halo of bluish around him.
He did not regain his normal self of light.

Thereafter I was left on my own.
Peace be to you.

1st December 2017

A couple of days ago I saw this and queried its meaning. This morning again it was repeated. This is what I experienced.

I was taken a tremendous distance below Mother Earth. When I initially experienced this I said, get me out of here and immediately I was brought back.
Having questioned what it was about and because of what I had been told I agreed
and requested a repeat of the experience.

So this morning I was taken a great distance below Mother Earth. In front of me I could see the sides of what appears to be a pit. Above me I could see in the distance the dark sky. Only then I realised it was possibly a 'sink' hole wherein Mother Earth tilted and off everything slide below.

Then the sides of Mother Earth moved closer and closer .....I did not see what happened further below as now I was taken above the New Land.

I hesitated to write this but have been prompted.

Last week I saw a large part of Mother Earth dissolve. Then from a Central Location there were several explosions which includes earthquakes which spread globally.
I asked what this might be.

Besides the above there was also a central plume.
I asked is it nuclear & have constantly received a negative response.
I also saw a white plume which I could not understand.
I agreed to disclose this last week as a warning but sadly the information has been removed.

As at today three quarters of Mother Earth will be adversely effected.
This is rapidly changing because man refuses to accept the Sole Almighty Creator and HIS Law for the entire Human Race which are of Love, Peace, Justice, Freedom.
Look within.
Each one reform oneself.No Religion will save anyone unless you do not perfect yourself/ourselves/myself!!!
We must comply to the original Law or else the End Seconds are upon us sooner than you realise.
Peace for reading this.

8th October 2017

For the first time I feel the urgency to mention this vision which I had this morning whilst semi-conscious in bed.

I saw a face in front of me, looked red & covered in tiny spots.
I observed this face was behind what appeared to be a glass window & appeared alone.

Then I went into a room where seated a single person
whilst speaking to them they disappeared
Then something like a disk round kept bouncing
I believe it signifies something
Then the room was beginning to fill with flying insects

I closed the door and entered a passage which did not have any insects

Here I was with helpful kind people
Somehow I saw I was wearing a tight dress & thought I do not wear such clothing
Then I said I need to pay you for this
I realised I did not have any money

I was on another Planet where no money is exchanged
I recollect saying 'I do not want to go back to Earth'

Here we receive freely
There were only a few people there
They ignored my words

Lots more happened
I simply enjoyed
The interpretation I believe a forthcoming infestation of insects which consume all
crop, spread incureable diseases, people are placed in isolation etc.

Peace not pieces!!!

This section will be constantly updated.
Though I feel no urgency to maintain this section.
Everyone must first learn to Purify or Cleanse oneself.
What is the use of me saying anything else - what difference does it make?

25th January 2017

Early January 2017 the vision below was mentioned.

You will observe that in the Daily Express dated Monday the 23rd January 2017 on page 5 they have a picture of a Trident Missile with the heading 'May is told to reveal all to Commons about Trident missile test 'cover-up'. Daily Express show a nice picture.

No more said. Nothing to fear. Man only gets what he deserves.

I request you to read my vision below and prepare.
I do not mean to prepare by saving food etc.
I refer to preparing your Spirit, though it does not have to be this way.
It is your Spirit which lives forever.

My Book 'KEY TO HEAVEN' is about Truth, it is about how to save your spirit.
You can purchase a printed version from or a free one from me.


Here is a vision I saw during the last week December 2016. I have been deliberating as to whether or not to broadcast the Vision. I understand that those who need to receive this message will obtain it.

I was on my bed at dawn
Awake after my shower
In darkness
Praising the Almighty Creator for the new day
When a large Eye came towards me
Right up to my face
Then slowly moved away rising at an angle of approximately 60 degrees
The Eye left a trail like an enormous orange - red colour Flame
I heard no sound
Into the Violet coloured sky
Littered with small and large bright Stars
The flame was beautiful
I just watched & was amazed
Then it disappeared and I wondered what could this be
The Eye returned and repeated the journey!

Asteroid or Comment
I cannot say
Does anything happen to Mother Earth
We will soon see one day
The direction was from Mother Earth UPWARDS
The Eye came twice and repeated
The DISASTER therefore will be TWO

Then the COSMOS I did see
Stars sparkling full of glee

The Whole World must prepare
There is nothing more to say

I draw no conclusions
I call it not a Comet
Nor Hercolubus
Nor any other term
However, this reminds me of one of my previous published visions
Which is yet to be fulfilled

Darkness, Dark clouds filled the air
Thick like soot on cobwebs they lowered into the atmosphere
A loud bang shattered all glass panes
Knocking people to the floor
I told myself
I will go to bed now
& avoided the disaster which continued

In 2013 I was lifted up from my bed
Before my face was held 1 x A4 white sheet of paper
There was a picture of a globe
It had two colours
Mainly Black with small specs of Green
The voice said 'PDF Global Disasters in 2013'
This was published in 2013 on Telegraph website.

I will locate my old published files and upload them.