15th May 2018
The abstract of 'Cosmic Human Beings' is below.
I sincerely apologise there is one reason or another as to why availability of the book is been delayed or blocked. The publisher is 'Feed a Read.com'. We will see.
The softback version of 'Key to Heaven' is available.
Should you wish to have a free PDF copy of the book, please contact me.
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2nd April 2018

YAHVAH Books available

'Key to Heaven' in softback is globally available from online and instore Book shops.

Due to requests 'Key to Heaven' is also being published in 'Hardback' as it is Read daily in the morning and evening as the Daily Prayer Book. There are small adjustments being made to the adjustment of the Red frame hence still at the Printers. I will announce when this is ready.

'Cosmic Human Beings' too is currently with the printers as a Hard back where here again the cover needs adjustment.

i am now preparing for my 2018 Free events in Gloucester in the United Kingdom.
Everyone is welcome. It will be open air events depending on the weather.

Thereafter 'DIY or Self Realisation' the third book will  be out.

With the best intent to upload a Free PDF of my Book 'Cosmic Human Beings' it somehow is problematic.

I am therefore not uploading but have to retype the contents. Hence I am typing an Abstract which will give you a 'feel' for the book. I am prepared to send you a Free printed version when it is ready, in a couple of weeks.

About Cosmic Human Beings

You are a Cosmic Human Being

What does Cosmic Human Being mean?
The Human Body is impeccably designed, without a glitch, to such an extent that it appears that Human Beings normally can think no further than the beauty of ones physical appearance and not that which is of importance and permanent.

Who is the book for?
The contents of this Book, 'Cosmic Human Beings' is suitable for anyone who can read English. It is simple to understand and can be read from approximately 12 years upwards depending on the individual. It applies to every Human Being who has been born on Mother Earth who has a Zodiac sign. Having a Zodiac sign is proof that you are from 'Star Dust' on Mother Earth to fulfill a purpose. Keep reading for a 'Life Thinking' Experience. Peace to your Mind

Purpose of this book
'Cosmic Human Beings’ is a non-religious book with Powerful, Ancient, Lost or Hidden, Secret Teachings. Though there is irrefutable evidence that every Human Being is connected to the Cosmos none appear consciously aware of this fact hence do not partake of its benefits. Within your Physical Body you have Invisible Controlling mechanisms, which are fed with energies from the Cosmos. Since you are a Cosmic Human Being you therefore need to comply to the Cosmic Law which is the One Law of the Universe. Your Cosmic Body utilises Cosmic forces. Your Physical body utilises Terrestrial forces. You can achieve great power once you master these forces. These are Ancient lost or hidden Teachings vital for modern Human Beings. The time is appropriate to disclose them now so that you may save yourselves from forthcoming turmoil. These Ancient Teachings have been channelled so that in these End Hours of turmoil, unrest, conflict, disasters, catastrophes, plagues, robots combating against Human Beings etc you learn how to protect yourselves. The first stage is accepting the words in this book thereafter observe the content in ‘Key to Heaven’ which has details. Everyone should be capable of protecting oneself. It is possible that there will soon be no one available to help anyone. Numbers will greatly diminish and/or be unable to Think. Presumably you too will be on your own with no one to turn to. This Knowledge will keep your strong. There is Only One sole source for Life. There is Only One sole source which gives you Spirit. This is from the sole Almighty Universal Creator. Be not Ungrateful. It is HE alone who is ALL HE alone we need to Worship HIS Law must be obeyed HIS Law is of virtues such as: Love Truth Sincerity Peace Justice Freedom Harmony etc When there is a global catastrophe who will you turn to when you are alone? It is only Spirit who is always with you Spirit is from the Sole Creator Give thanks to the Creator who gives Life to all Who gives you Life Who is with you Who you cannot Live without for even 30 minutes Yet the world thanks HIM not Yet the world worships HIM not Yet the world knows not the Sacred Name which is: Y A H V A H Peace be with you

Vital Teachings
Introducing Vital Teachings to Humanity. These Teachings have either been Hidden or Lost or kept Secret. It is not my intent to point my finger at anyone. Human Beings will only get what one deserves at the precise time when one is ready. Perhaps you are ready now. Without these Teachings you will not understand your purpose of life on Mother Earth thereby not making use of your valuable time on Mother Earth which means you will have to undergo the Life cycle of reincarnation again. This might be applicable to some. So be it. Human Beings normally think that you are born to work for money and wealth. That you are born to become slaves of temporary possessions. Born to eventually get diseased, wither with age finally losing your Senses, your Breath, transforming you back to Spirit. This would be a worthless life! You are only transformed back to Spirit, when you do not conform to the Natural Law When you do not make connection with the Cosmos Only then you will repeat your endless cycle of reincarnation This cycle of reincarnation will only continue whilst Human Beings do not:
"Eat the Food of Life from the Cosmos’
This is the only food which grants you Eternal Life. There is none other. This is not a religion. I am not selling you any product. I recommend all which is Free!!! This is simply about your entire Bodies. You may have heard of Ascended Masters who taught similar teachings when they were on Mother Earth as Human Beings. On completion of their specific duties on Mother Earth they ascended as Human Beings into the Heavens, to higher planets and did not leave their Human Body of flesh and bones on Mother Earth to decay. You too are capable of the same, using your own effort, not Technology Irrespective of your past, the time of Awakening commenced on the 21st of December 2012. Awakening means that Human Beings will gradually question, why they are on Mother Earth and/or what is their purpose of Life? Since you ask, so you shall receive. This channelled book 'Cosmic Human Beings' is for you. It will show you the way It will show you the truth So the time is now The time is today as you read these words Continue to absorb the information with intent to reform. This does not imply that you are a bad or evil person. No. There is always room for improvement. This equally applies to saints as well. Due to the tremendous impact these Teachings will have globally, I mark all terms, phases and of course content with Copyright © so that the seriousness as well as impact of accurate wording is not diluted. It is recommended that these Teachings are delivered exactly as per this channelled script. I add here which is not in the book, that this is my third attempt to load the abstract. Each time I reload it, I find numerous spelling errors which were not there before. Technology to block – I say no more. Other than ignore any – it is the content which matters. In these turbulent End Hours it is vital to understand that though you might be alone physically this is certainly not the case spiritually. We are surrounded by both good as well as evil spirits. Depending on the type of person you are from within, accordingly you attract either good Divine Spirits or Spirits who oppose all that is good, pure and of truth who will influence you. The choice is yours. Humanity is suffering due to ignorance of this vital Hidden, Lost or Secret Esoteric non- religious Knowledge. Contents within this Book should be in the curriculum of the entire Educational System, schools, colleges, universities, work places, etc. Parents too should practise as well as teach this to their children from an early age. It is imperative for every Human Being to understand that: You are here on Mother Earth for a purpose; That you need to unite with the Cosmos; It is vital to be aware of your personal Invitation from the Sole Almighty Creator; To be aware of the Simple Natural Law; That the CREATOR of the Universe is far greater than any King; HE is the CREATOR of the Universe; HE does not ask for worthless Crown Jewels; Neither does HE ask for Financial payment of any sort; HE simply advises the best option for us HE then lets us choose Love everyone including all Creatures Be Sincere at all times Uphold Truth irrelevant of consequences Is this asking too much in return for Eternal Happiness? Peace to your Mind for reading this.

The following PDF cover is a Soft Back version of 'KEY TO HEAVEN' published in February 2017. Should you wish to receive a Free book please do send me an email with your details.


Here is the PDF File which is the Front and Back cover of the Channeled Book

You will need to click on the PDF to open, see and read the Cover.

The top left hand side of the cover alongside 'YAHVAH' is the name of the Almighty Creator written in Sanskrit.

Sanskrit is the first Language designed according to the formation of the mouth.
It is a Natural Language. You speak it - all nationalities speak some of it yet know not.

'YAHVAH' is the most powerful name of the Sole Almighty Creator.
'YAHVAH' has been removed systematically from all places of worship, books, scriptures etc.

However, these Hidden Ancient Teachings are available in the Sacred books held in the Secret Underground Vaults in the 'VAT-I-CAN'. So I understand.

This is a channeled book with Secret or Hidden Ancient Teachings.
The knowledge I had not.
It was imparted to me.
Hence the Book is dedicated to 'YAHVAH'
HE who is the SPIRIT in ALL LIFE
No man has power over SPIRIT

The Book is titled 'KEY TO HEAVEN' since it contains Sacred Ancient Teachings of TRUTH which are not available in a single book through any other source.

'Key to Heaven' has 3 main sections.
The first section teaches you your Inner Bodies
The second are the 7 morning Invitations as well as Invocations to Earthly Mother so that we can maintain Health. There is one Invocation for each day of the week.
In the same way in the third section there are 7 evening Cosmic Invitations as well as Invocations.
'Key to Heaven' is recommended as your daily 'Bible'
It contains Truth about your Body which nobody can refute since as you apply these Invocations you will experience the transformation.

It is similar to filling up your vehicle at the garage.
You press the trigger, though you are unable to see the level or flow of gasoline,
you will know that it is filling up and will eventually stop.

So also your 'Bodies' need to be fed with that which it is made out of.
Details in 'Key to Heaven'.

Feel free to ask a question or join the forum which many are shy of
least they are labelled 'pagan'.

Every Human Being is a 'pagan'
We all Breath to survive
Hence we Invoke Divine Spirit of Breath....etc...

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'KEY TO HEAVEN' has been launched and is available through
www.feedaread.com as well as globally on the internet as well as high street

February 2017
I understand the second book will be 'Cosmic Man'.