Here is the PDF File which is the Front and Back cover of the Channeled Book

You will need to click on the PDF to open, see and read the Cover.

The top left hand side of the cover alongside 'YAHVAH' is the name of the Almighty Creator written in Sanskrit.

Sanskrit is the first Language designed according to the formation of the mouth.
It is a Natural Language. You speak it - all nationalities speak some of it yet know not.

'YAHVAH' is the most powerful name of the Sole Almighty Creator.
'YAHVAH' has been removed systematically from all places of worship, books, scriptures etc.

This is a channeled book with Secret or Hidden Ancient Teachings.
The knowledge I had not.
It was imparted to me.
Hence the Book is dedicated to 'YAHVAH'
HE who is the SPIRIT in ALL LIFE
No man has power over SPIRIT

The Book is titled 'KEY TO HEAVEN' since it contains Sacred Ancient Teachings of TRUTH which are not available in a single book through any other source.

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'KEY TO HEAVEN' has been launched and is available through
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Yes, even though the World Celebrates New Year on the 1st of January which is the Zodiac sign of Capricorn. Astrologers too wish their clients for the New Year.
I often wonder, at least Astrologers should be able to understand that the New Year cannot begin in Capricorn, whose body part is the knee.

After Capricorn the 11th sign is Aquarius. Thereafter the 12th sign is Pisces the feet of the Human Body.

The Almighty Creator created man in his image. The greatest computer is the Human Body which not even Human Beings residing within their Body understand.

New Years Day is what Pope Gregory changed to Spring Day.
New Years Day is the 20th of March.

The Day animals and birds are born.
The Day the Top of the Human Body, the Head of the Human Being, the Brains,
the Zodiac Sign Aries.

If Astrologers too do not understand the signs of the Zodiac,
If Astrologers too do not know the significance of the FIRST sign of the Zodiac,
I question, who teaches the Astrologers.

I have been scanning through a few You tube videos on Astrology and find great inaccuracies. Some think they are Spiritual. Sadly their teachings are seriously flawed. Whoever is teaching them, they need to awaken or contact me.

I do not mean to be 'big headed'
I simply write these words as I am sure you too will understand teachings must be accurate.

Human Beings have been deliberately blinded for Centuries.
That is the past.
Human Beings only get what they deserve.
Now look within.
Do not point your finger at another.
You attract that of what you are.
Move on.

You are all welcome to attend my open days.
I will teach you all which you need to know to have Eternal Life.

I wish you Peace.