Here is the PDF File which is the Front and Back cover of the Channeled Book

You will need to click on the PDF to open, see and read the Cover.

The top left hand side of the cover alongside 'YAHVAH' is the name of the Almighty Creator written in Sanskrit.

Sanskrit is the first Language designed according to the formation of the mouth.
It is a Natural Language. You speak it - all nationalities speak some of it yet know not.

'YAHVAH' is the most powerful name of the Sole Almighty Creator.
'YAHVAH' has been removed systematically from all places of worship, books, scriptures etc.

However, these Hidden Ancient Teachings are available in the Sacred books held in the Secret Underground Vaults in the 'VAT-I-CAN'. So I understand.

This is a channeled book with Secret or Hidden Ancient Teachings.
The knowledge I had not.
It was imparted to me.
Hence the Book is dedicated to 'YAHVAH'
HE who is the SPIRIT in ALL LIFE
No man has power over SPIRIT

The Book is titled 'KEY TO HEAVEN' since it contains Sacred Ancient Teachings of TRUTH which are not available in a single book through any other source.

'Key to Heaven' has 3 main sections.
The first section teaches you your Inner Bodies
The second are the 7 morning Invitations as well as Invocations to Earthly Mother so that we can maintain Health. There is one Invocation for each day of the week.
In the same way in the third section there are 7 evening Cosmic Invitations as well as Invocations.
'Key to Heaven' is recommended as your daily 'Bible'
It contains Truth about your Body which nobody can refute since as you apply these Invocations you will experience the transformation.

It is similar to filling up your vehicle at the garage.
You press the trigger, though you are unable to see the level or flow of gasoline,
you will know that it is filling up and will eventually stop.

So also your 'Bodies' need to be fed with that which it is made out of.
Details in 'Key to Heaven'.

Feel free to ask a question or join the forum which many are shy of
least they are labelled 'pagan'.

Every Human Being is a 'pagan'
We all Breath to survive
Hence we Invoke Divine Spirit of Breath....etc...

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'KEY TO HEAVEN' has been launched and is available through
www.feedaread.com as well as globally on the internet as well as high street

I understand the second book will be 'Cosmic Man'.