are anti the SOLE CREATOR who is of PURITY

                                   & HIS DIVINE BEINGS etc.

Were these errors deliberate or through ignorance?

a)  CREATOR v god

YAHVAH is not a 'god' nor a 'lord'. Though sadly ALL religions appear to worship a 'god'.

The word 'god' is similar to 'lord' or 'sir' or 'mr' or 'mrs' etc.

YAHVAH Created the gods, deities etc.
YAHVAH is far superior than HIS creations.

YAHVAH is the Most Sacred
YAHVAH is the Most Powerful Name

b)  YAHVAH v father

We are on the threshold of entering the Age of Enlightenment as we are at the stage of Awakening, the dawn of which was on the 21st of December 2012 as referred to as the Cycle of Death.

During the third Age or the Age of Kali of Blackness, the name of the Almighty Creator was meticulously removed and replaced with the word 'god' and the word ' father'.

In the Rigg Vedas the Almighty Creator is referred to as
'JATAH' which means Almighty Creator.

The FIRST and ONLY HOLY SCRIPTURES available were in Sanskrit.
For this reason, Western scholars in determination to:

translate Holy Scriptures written in Sanskrit into English

removed the word 'JATAH' & replaced it in opposition to the Latin word 'patir' 'pater'

Therefore, the English Version of the Rigg Vedas read as :

'Father of mankind' and the

Rigg Vedas, the Sanskrit text reads as :


Wonder why some call their priests 'father'.

According to the internet search engine 'Wikipedia' the word 'pater' is a title given to the 'father deity i.e. Dis Pater a Roman Celtic god of the underworld...'


d)  Rigg Vedas describe YAHVAH as 'HE who gives BREATH'

Western Professors and Scholars including Max Muller translated :

                         'HE who gives BREATH'

to                     'He who sacrificed himself'

None had sacrificed himself.

Western Scholar and Jesuits deliberately spread false teachings in 1893.

Only Demonic, Draculian, Satanic Worship to Lucifer accepts Human Sacrifice of Blood.

Both Human as well as animal sacrifice was introduced globally by Western Scholars & Jesuits.

Even to this day the West celebrates their religious festivals with blood sacrifice.
This will soon end.


The English Alphabet 'J' was introduced in 1893.

Therefore, in 1893 was the First Time the name 'Jesu' was introduced by Western Scholars when 'Jesu-ITS' came into existence.

The name 'Jesu' representing 'Jesuits' was concocted by the 'Jesuits'. No such person ever existed.

Some have even added the word 'Christ' using the double jointed word as Jesus Christ. No such person ever lived was called this name.

Christ is from the word 'Kristos' from the original Sanskrit word 'Krsna'.
With time and all educational systems including books controlled, 'Krsna' became Krishna as with several original Sanskrit alphabets disappearing.

Reference source by Pandit Guru Datta Vidyarthi M.A. Professor, Physical Sciences, Government College, Lahore Published in 1893.

It can only be an Evil Religion who has deliberately blinded global population, removed and changed the name of the Almighty Creator from :

Y A H V A H    
to   Y a h w e h

The English language did not have 'W'
The Alphabet 'V' came first
came into existence later

When 'W' was introduced, J, U and W were not used by Romans
They developed 'J' from the letter 'I' as in 'ISIS' less than 150 years ago.

g)  On the pretext that 'YAHVAH' is too Sacred to mention some religions have replaced 'YAHVAH' with HIS personalty for instance thereby giving him several names.

I ami simply creating awareness so that there is Justice for YAHVAH.
HE who gives Life to all
HE who gives Breath to all
Yet man ignores HIM.

I am not here to convince you of the Truth.
You either accept or reject.
So be it.
I simply state Facts so that you have the opportunity to obey the sacred Law and obtain Eternal Salvation therefore releasing yourself from the cycle of birth, death i.e. Reincarnation.

YAHVAH is inscribed in the Rigg Vedas during the Vedic Age, which date back to c.830 B.C. The Vedas are the FIRST HOLY SCRIPTURES ever written.

The Vedas were written in Sanskrit. Sanskrit is the First Language formulated by the Almighty Creator also referred to as the Language of the gods.

Today modern Sanskrit does not contain all the original Sanskrit Letters. As with all things that which is Spiritual is systematically removed over centuries.

YAHVAH alone was worshipped during the Vedic Age of Prosperity.

During this Age Human Beings strictly observed the Natural Law of YAHVAH.


Human beings never slaughtered innocent creatures nor did they eat nor sacrifice any animal, fish, avian or mammalian or other to YAHVAH who abhors ALL cruelty, ALL bloodshed of any kind.


YAHVAH is the invisible Law without beginning and without end. The Law which is embedded in the conscious of every Human Being hence we all instinctively know when we do wrong. Even a baby know this.

YAHVAH has made it very clear that no false Law should replace HIS Law which is of Purity and Love for ALL Life.  HE is the Law and the whole Law of all Law. When man forsakes HIS DIVINE Law then we shall be visited by disaster for generation upon generation. Not because HE sends disasters but rather man attracts that of what he is from within.

YAHVAH also makes it clear that when we keep his Law, those who keep his Law, shall enter the Infinite Garden where stands the Tree of Life which is also the River of Life in the midst of the Eternal Sea.


The entire Natural Law is mentioned in the Channeled Book 'KEY TO HEAVEN'.

Key to Heaven is all you require to obtain Eternal Salvation. It contains both theory as well as basic procedures.


YAHVAH alone will come on the Final Day of Judgement.
Certainly no Messiah from a past Age would come.

There have been two previous Messiahs from the previous two Ages. The first is YESHUA Ha Messiah who was taught by the Essenes of Nazarean on Mount Carmel and the other Zarathushtra.